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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: How to Get Loyalty

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How to Get Loyalty

The players you pull out of packs, they are immediately loyal. Players get loyalty when either you get them out of packs or you play 10 games with them in your team. This means that if you buy players from the transfer market with coins they won’t have loyalty to your team until you use them in ten matches.


There is a way to get to the loyalty bonus quickly. This is cloaked in the community as “glitch” or as a “trick” cheered. Whether or not you want to use it, you have to decide for yourself.


The basic idea is to start a match with the team, which consists of the respective players – and abort shortly after the whistle. This is 10 times now, and you have already completed 10 games with the players in a very short time and won the Loyalty Bonus. However, with a big disadvantage: the multiplier, which has a serious effect on the FIFA coins win after matches, falls into the basement. It takes some games and numerous hours to screw it up again. This is not really worth it.


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