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FIFA 21 – Offensive Tactics Guide

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Offensive Tactics

There are four offensive tactics that you can use in FIFA 21.



If you choose Possession, your players will play a more support-type role and will stay behind rather than go ahead. Passes will be more backward oriented while the team will remain patient with its play. The team will continue to pass around the players defensively and is best for short passing. However, you should know that your team will build up much slower in Possession.


Long Ball

In Long Ball, your team will make runs for long balls into the space behind the opposing team’s backline. This is good for Strikers who run fast with a good attacking attribute. Close players tend to anticipate the long ball however the players farther from the ball will attempt to find space giving you a good option for long shots.



Choose this if you want a more balanced formation from your team. The play is neither slow nor fast and your players will support mostly and only make runs when they think is the right time for it.


Fast Build Up

Unlike Possession which offers a slower build-up, this option is all about building up the game quickly. Players will push forward however losing the ball is not an option here because your players will mostly push forward with leaving the area behind open for a counter-attack. Even your defense will be more offense-focused if you choose the Fast Build Up so be very careful with this option.


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