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FIFA 21: FUT Understanding Team Chemistry

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FUT Understanding Team Chemistry

In FIFA Ultimate Team, the goal is to achieve perfect chemistry. On the team overview page, a value for that is displayed in the upper left corner. This should always reach a full 100 points, because if the chemistry is not right, the players will not play well together or score goals. In short: If the chemistry is not right, games are lost.


The chemistry increases when a player is used in his home position, for example, a goalkeeper in goal and not in the attack. Furthermore, the connections between the lined-up players play a decisive role.


  • Red links: Bad chemistry


  • Yellow links: Average chemistry


  • Green links: Good Chemistry



Getting to that coveted green as much as possible should be your main focus. Players get chemistry points based on a few factors:


  • Both play in the same league – 1 point


  • Both players have the same nationality – 1 point


  • Both play in the same club – 2 points


  • Both play in the same league (for different clubs) and have the same nationality – 2 points


You can get bonus points by the manager with the same base rules. Note that managers add a maximum of 1 chemistry point to each player, so you won’t get more than that even if your manager is at the same club as some of your players.


Another bonus point is given by a loyalty bonus: If a player has played 10 games for the club, he gets one more chemistry point.


In addition, there are cards in FUT mode that can be used to slightly alter a player’s position. For example, you can turn a CM into a CAM, but you can’t make an LB become an ST. It is still a handy trick for instances where you need one last small push to get to the needed chemistry.


Icon cards make all this team building grind much easier. Icons are usually expensive, but you can also earn them via Icon Swaps.


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