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FIFA 21 – Free Kick & Corner Tactics Guide

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There are three options for you to choose your tactics for Corners.



Low Amount

Choose this option while taking a corner if you want to take a more defensive corner rather than an offensive corner. Your players will take a good formation that suits defense in case the opposition gets hold of the ball and tries to score on the opposite end of the pitch.




This option allows you to take a balanced goal as you have a balanced amount of players right at the goal as well as behind for defense.



High Amount

If you want to go all-in, choose High Amount and all of the players will be in the opposition’s penalty box and will offer a high pressure as you take the corner.



Free Kicks

You can set these tactics to define your player positioning while taking free kicks towards the goal. You have three options to choose from here as well.



Low Amount

Choosing this option allows you to have fewer players in the opponent’s penalty area for a more defensive approach. In case you miss your shot, you will have players at the back that will quickly move in to tackle the opposition trying to take a chance at your goal.




With the normal option selected, you will have more players standing in the penalty box; however, you will still have some players at the back in case things do not go as planned.



High Amount

If you want to go all offense, choose High Amount, and all of your players will shift towards the opponent’s penalty box. This will strengthen your offense but will reduce your defense if your opponent counter-attacks.


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