FIFA 21 – Advanced Passing Guide


Advanced Passing

There are multiple advanced Passing moves in FIFA 21. We have detailed nearly all the advanced Passing types we could find in the game.


Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Ground pass/header X A
Lob pass/cross/header X
Through ball Y
Shoot/volley/header O B
Timed finish O + O (timed) B + B (timed)
Chip shot L1 + O LB + B
Finesse shot R1 + O RB + B
Low shot/downward header L1 + R1 + O LB + RB + B
Fake shot/pass O/X then X + L direction B/X then A + L direction
Threaded through ball R1 + △ RB + Y
Chipped through ball L1 + △ LB + Y
Driven lob pass/cross R1 + ▢ RB + X
High lob/cross L1 + ▢ LB + X
Low cross ▢ + ▢ X + X
Scoop lob L2 + ▢ LT + X
Dummy a pass Press and hold R1 Press and hold RB
Cancel action L2 + R2 LT + RT
Flair pass L2 + X LT + A
Flair shot L2 + O LT + B
Driven ground pass R1 + X RB + A
Manual ground pass L1+ R1 + X LB + RB + A
Flick up for volley Click R3 Click R stick


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