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FIFA 22: 5 Essential Tips That Helps You in Progress

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Like any other sports game, FIFA 22 has various tips and tricks to enhance your overall performance. There is no doubt that these FIFA 22 tips will help you be a better FIFA player, whether you are after bragging rights among your friends or climbing the FIFA 22 divisions.


Taking advantage of some under-utilized FIFA features is also covered, as is attacking and defensive play. The gameplay mechanics introduced in FIFA 21 and 22 have also been fascinating, so learning about them has been a big priority.



1.  Counter Attacking

  • Counter-attacking is an old-fashioned but very effective tactic. In extreme situations, counter-attacking football is a cornerstone of FIFA and played by Leicester City and other teams that cannot easily defeat. Counter-attacking football relies on speedy, influential players who can dribble quickly, so players must dribble soon to succeed. FIFA used to be ruled by tiki-taka in the past when passing was more convenient than dribbling. Recently, things have changed. Many top players can perform feats of strategy by using only a few tricky individuals.



2.  Learn to Use Agile Dribbling & Jockey

  • You can activate agile dribbling by pressing RB/R1. You will have to wait for your opponent to knock the ball near you at the right time, keeping the ball close to your body. Allan Saint-Maximin and Raheem Sterling do this a lot for their clubs in the Premier League. Further, while many players will jump right into challenges, it can often be better to jockey each other and keep attackers away from danger merely. It minimizes the risk of getting exposed, and it ensures more privacy as well. This tactic generally avoids a free kick or a booking in favor of just jumping into tackles without thinking.



3.  Use of Creative Runs

  • Meanwhile, your right stick flicks when you make a Creative Run, followed by LB/L1. You can give specific directions to your runners instead of relying on AI to determine the proper run. If you think ahead, these two features can set you up brilliantly for a goal – and that will provide you with more control in the final third than ever before.



4.  Change Your Passes

  • Double-tapping results in a dinked pass are less likely to cause an interception. During Bayern Munich’s run to the Champions League title two seasons ago, Thiago often played passes like these to wide men. Furthermore, double-tapping lofted through balls will help you drive floaty throws over the top, faster and manageable, while still allowing you to maintain control. You will soon become the Kevin De Bruyne of your buddies.



5.  Do Whip Cross in the Box

  • In FIFA, players rarely use the crossing, but that changed this year, and crosses are used more often. With improved quality of headers and crossing, players with chalk on their boots ought to send more balls into the box. When taking on a striker running into the Box, shoot directly behind the penalty spot, and if you can hit it above everyone, your opposite winger will be able to volley it in.


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