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Field of Glory II: Medieval – Banners

Field of Glory II: Medieval - Banners

Each unit has a banner providing the following information;


1. The design of the banner shows which side the unit is on.


2. The facing of the banner shows the facing of the unit.


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3. The size of the banner shows whether the unit includes a general or not – generals use larger banners. (Standard Wagons also use large banners, for aesthetic reasons, whether or not they have a general with them).


4. The cloth part of the banner becomes progressively tattered as the unit suffers losses.


5. The upper section of the banner becomes yellow when the unit is Disrupted and red when the unit is Fragmented. When the unit is Routed the whole banner becomes white.


6. Player unit banners are darkened when the unit has moved.


If you find the banners of the two opposing sides too similar for easy recognition, you can switch to using Distinct rather than Historical banners for Side B in More Options in the Settings screen, or by pressing the H hotkey.


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