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Farmer’s Life – Fishing Guide

Farmer's Life - Fishing Guide


All you need to catch a fish is a fishing rod and a pond, lake, or river. There is a modest pond nearby your homestead.


Farmer's Life - Fishing Guide



How to Fish

Just stand close to the water, cast the hook, and wait patiently.


Once the fish catches the hook, start pulling the line. Watch for its color. Once it is too red, it will snap, and you will need to start from scratch.


You may pull the rod sideways. This will tire the fish and helps you catch it.


You may cancel fishing at any moment.


Farmer's Life - Fishing Guide


Once the fish is close enough, Kasimir will take it out and put it into his vast bag. The fish you catch need to be filleted in the kitchen to get their meat.


Farmer's Life - Fishing Guide


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