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F1 2021 Video Game: How to Overtake

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How to Overtake

Overtake can mean a lot of things, but usually, it is the manual deployment of the ERS energy through the MGU-K to override the default deployment strategy. The car has a deployment strategy that is optimized for the best race lap sustainably charging and discharging. But if you think you can get ahead, you can deplete the battery more than normal in a certain spot on the track, get ahead, and then defend your position and allow the battery to recharge back to normal. Believe it or not, these tactics are going on throughout the entire grid during the race.


  • The first thing to remember is that overtaking is best done on the straight parts of the track because that gives you a chance to build up more speed than your rival.


  • As you gain more confidence, you can start overtaking just before the bends, taking advantage of your opponent’s need to slow down for the turn. To do this, get towards the inside lane before the braking zone and then brake slightly later than your rival to overtake.


  • DRS increases your top speed by opening a flap on your rear wing when you’re within a second of another driver through one of the set DRS zones. This can give you the boost you need to overtake and put some distance between you and the other car.


  • Another feature to help you out is the Overtake button – a simplification of the ERS system found in last year’s game. This can come in handy if you’re struggling to get past another car. But be warned, using this consistently will drain your car’s battery. With no juice, you won’t be overtaking anyone in a hurry so use it wisely.



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