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Endorsement Contracts in NBA 2K22

Endorsement Contracts in NBA 2K22

Depending on how well you play each game during your My Career playtime, you’ll get a couple of fans. Brands like Nike, Jordan, Gatorade, and others will want to negotiate endorsement deals with you if you have a large enough following. More brands will sign a contract with you if you have more fans. And the more you bargain with each event, the more VC you’ll earn. These endorsement contracts pay extremely well, especially if you get a fan base of 500k.


These endorsement deals are made on the fly, and you don’t have to do anything other than negotiating your contracts. By going to The Neighborhood, you can get the VC you’ve earned. It’s the structure just across from the Gym. In either case, the total number of fans you’ll get will be cumulative. So it doesn’t matter if you didn’t play well in the first few games. The longer you play, the more offers you’ll get.


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