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ELYON Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players


A brand new MMORPG Elyon was launched on the 20th of October, developed by Kakao, the team behind the best East’s MMOs project Black Desert and now they are back with a new project Elyon. In this game, the players take on the world with the help of their airships and different classes. Elyon is an Action RPG game. Like other different MMOs, there are a lot of dungeons that you have to explore. In this realm vs. realm, wars offer you frantic and PvP gameplay at a very large scale.


In this, you go into a fantasy world where you have come across a lot of things. The player comes through aliens, mythical creatures, and different mechanoids. It offers you MMORPG races with their spin. So, if you want to play Elyon, then this guide will help you a lot.



1.  Choose Faction

  • In Elyon, there are two different factions. You have to choose from these two factions. The factions include Ontari and Vulpin. Ontari factions are reasonable and practical.


  • On the other hand, Vulpin fights for their cause with honor. You have to choose between the two. You have to keep one thing in mind. Once you select one Faction, you cannot create the character in the other. So choose the one according to your choice.



2.  Choose from Classes

There are five different classes in Elyon. These classes include;


  • Assassin: It is a classic rogue-like character. In the thick of combat, this class has great power. It has the power to disappear and also can reappear. In this way, you can execute your enemies.


  • Elementalists: Their character is like a standard wizard. It has the different mastered elements of the world. Elementalists can use the combination of different elements—the elements like fire, lightning, frost, and arcane.


  • Gunners: Their theme is like a cowboy. Gunners are equipped with a trusty sidearm. It also has other mechanical contraptions.


  • Mystic: It is the healing class of resident Elyon. Mystic harnesses nature and heals aliens, and also destroys alien foes.


  • Warlord: Warlord is tough among all the classes. They have giant weapons that are capable of taking on hordes of their enemies.



3.  Convert Skills with Artifact Power

  • Artifact power is the point by which you can add various effects to your skills. With the help of this power, you can convert the skills you want to use into a suitable form.


  • You can convert it for both PVE and PVP situations. The higher the artifact power you have, the more diverse the skills you can make for yourself.



4.  Use Rune Stones

  • Runestone is the items attached to the equipment items. It helps to increase the different abilities of the different equipment items. You can obtain rune stones in different ways like quest rewards, training grounds, and hunting.


  • Runestones can be equipped into the slots present in equipment found throughout your adventure. Go to the Runestones tab in your Inventory [I] to equip a Runestone.


  • You can use the Runestone option from the Escape (ESC) Menu or right-click any Runestone in your Inventory to activate the Runestone Management function. You can use Gold to polish and upgrade Runestones, as well as upgrade materials like Rune Powder. Quests and the dismantling of Runestones and Equipment can be used to produce Rune Powder.


  • There are a total of 7 colors and 4 abilities of the runestone. Each stone has a different effect, and each stage has a different rune characteristic point.



5.  Create Your Clan

  • Clans and Fortresses are a feature unlocked in the menu that allows you to join a clan or create your own. Being a clan member allows you to engage in clan fights, and if you are a top-tier clan, you will be given a fortress!


  • To unlock Clan and Fortress, you need to talk to the chief commander to undertake the quest, then go and talk to Senior knight Malak and Stronghold captain.



6.  Visit Other Houses

  • Visiting other people’s houses can give you ideas for how to decorate your own. You can get good quality seeds if you go to another player’s house and help them with their production! You might even find a rare seed to purchase at the adventurer’s Seed Shop.


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