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ELYON Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players


Introducing Elyon, a cutting-edge MMORPG released on October 20th, created by Kakao, the masterminds behind the acclaimed Eastern MMO project, Black Desert. Elyon propels players into a fantastical world teeming with airships, diverse classes, and action-packed gameplay. Like other MMOs, Elyon offers a plethora of dungeons to explore and large-scale, exhilarating Realm vs. Realm wars with intense PvP combat.


In Elyon, you’ll encounter a variety of beings, including aliens, mythical creatures, and mechanoids. The game puts a unique spin on traditional MMORPG races, ensuring an immersive experience. If you’re eager to dive into the world of Elyon, this guide is your ticket.



Choose a Faction

The game features two distinct factions: Ontari and Vulpin. Ontari members are known for their pragmatism and reason, while Vulpin fighters champion their cause with honor. Keep in mind that once you pick a faction, you can’t create a character in the other. Choose wisely according to your preferences.



Select a Class

Elyon offers five different classes to choose from:


Assassin: A classic rogue-like character with the ability to vanish and reappear during combat, allowing for strategic enemy execution.


Elementalist: A wizard-like character, skilled in manipulating the elements of fire, lightning, frost, and arcane to their advantage.


Gunner: A cowboy-inspired character equipped with a trusty sidearm and other mechanical gadgets.


Mystic: Elyon’s healing class, which harnesses nature’s power to heal allies and vanquish foes.


Warlord: The toughest of all classes, wielding colossal weapons capable of taking on hordes of enemies.



Enhance Skills with Artifact Power

Artifact power allows you to add various effects to your skills, transforming them for PvE and PvP situations. The more artifact power you possess, the more diverse skills you can develop.



Utilize Rune Stones

Rune stones are items attached to equipment that enhance their abilities. Obtainable through quest rewards, training grounds, and hunting, rune stones can be slotted into equipment found throughout your journey. Access the Runestones tab in your inventory [I] to equip a rune stone.


Activate the Runestone Management function by selecting the Runestone option from the Escape (ESC) Menu or right-clicking any Runestone in your inventory. You can polish and upgrade Runestones with gold and upgrade materials like Rune Powder. Rune Powder can be produced from quests and dismantling Runestones and equipment.


Runestones come in seven colors and four abilities, each with unique effects and rune characteristic points.



Establish Your Clan

Clans and Fortresses are features unlocked in the menu, enabling you to join or create your own clan. Membership in a clan allows participation in clan battles and, if your clan ranks highly, access to a fortress!


To unlock Clan and Fortress, speak with the chief commander to accept the quest, then consult with Senior Knight Malak and Stronghold Captain.



Explore Other Houses

Visiting other players’ houses can inspire ideas for decorating your own abode. By assisting with production at another player’s house, you can acquire high-quality seeds. You might even discover a rare seed for sale at the adventurer’s Seed Shop. So, don’t hesitate to take a tour of your fellow gamers’ homes!


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