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eFootball™ 2022 – How to Execute a Chip Shot

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How to Execute a Chip Shot

A chip shot is a type of shot where players hit the bottom of the ball to send it high up in the air, making it a tough catch for goalkeepers. Chip shots are especially beneficial when a goalkeeper is closing in on you and in situations where you’re sure a regular shot would just bounce off the keeper. Taking a chip shot requires you to press multiple buttons at once.


Platform Chip Shot Input
PlayStation 4 & 5
Hold L1 and press Square
Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S
Hold LB and press X


A chip shot is possible from anywhere on the pitch, but your best chances at scoring are – of course – inside the penalty box.


And that’s all you need to know about how to execute a chip shot in eFootball™ 2022 on PS4 & PS5 and Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S.



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