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EA SPORTS UFC 4 – Ground & Pound

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Ground & Pound

Fighter’s in the dominant position can throw strikes faster and those strikes do more damage, but the bottom fighter can defend in different ways. Blocking on the ground is the same as on the feet, press (RT) {R2} to block high and (LT+RT) {L2 + R2} to block low if you’re in a position where your opponent can attack your body. Your block breaks down on the ground the same way it does when standing. Additionally, you can use (RS) to move your head which is effective against straight punches, or us (LB) {L1} and the (RS) to post your arm which is effective against hooks.


The grapple advantage meter works slightly differently in these moments, always shifting towards the bottom fighter’s color until they can eventually break the attacker’s posture by pressing (RT) {R2}. Defending effectively in Ground and Pound situations (i.e. evading straights and posting hooks) will deplete the attacker’s stamina or can possibly result in a sweep or a get-up.


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