Dragon Star Varnir – Prevent Madness

Prevent Madness

Here are the percentages, that will trigger the madness scenes :


  • -After Chapter 2 : 15% madness


  • -After Chapter 4 : 30% madness


  • -After Chapter 5 : 45% madness


  • -After Chapter 8 : 60% madness


  • -After Chapter 10 : 75% madness. This locks the madness route and will eventually turn to 100%.



Making the wrong conversation choices : These actually can significantly raise your character’s madness levels. You will want to pay attention to these when you are presented with conversation choices from Chapter 1 to 10 except Chapter 6. To avoid that happening then here are the right choices you must picked :


  • -Chapter 1 : Not good.


  • -Chapter 2 : I want to lift the curse.


  • -Chapter 3 : You should be a little more patient.


  • -Chapter 4 : I don’t know.


  • -Chapter 5 : Sorry.


  • -Chapter 6 : –


  • -Chapter 7 : Yeah, I’m fine.


  • -Chapter 8 : We can’t do it.


  • -Chapter 9 : Let’s go after her.


  • -Chapter 10 : Why did you save me?



Don’t let your dragon bar of the little sisters full or make them mad (mad affinity level) because you don’t give them Dragon Meat and Dragon Blood. You will want to pay attention to these when you too long stay in Dungeon or how long you battle with enemy.



Don’t let your all characters dies and get Game Over!


Don’t uses Dragon Skill, You will want to pay attention to these when they are transform into dragon and background is Red. If you see the background is Normal color, you be able to using Dragon Skill.


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