Dracula Frames Cheats


Secret Mini-game

1. On the first level, click on the treasure chest on the right side of the room to reveal a mirror.


2. On the fifth level, click on the treasure chest to reveal a vial.


3. On the seventh level, there is a hole under the painting you have to complete. Click on that to reveal a ring.


4. Go back to the second level and pull the bookcase to reveal a door. All three items you discovered should all be there.


5. Click on the door and the mini-game will start.


The goal of the game is to get the apple on the left to the basket on the right. As you slide squares so you can move the apple, Dracula will appear randomly in different squares and will grow bigger after a few seconds (up to all adjacent squares). If you get hit or go into one of the spaces with a skull, the mini-game exits.


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