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Dinkum Mining: The Ultimate Guide

Dinkum Mining: The Ultimate Guide

This guide will explain mining in detail and show you how to become a professional miner in Dinkum.


  • You must first obtain a mining license before you can start mining. The license can be acquired at the beginning of the game. Fletcher will sell you the first level of mining for 250 permit points. After obtaining the Level 1 license, you will be able to purchase a basic pickaxe from John’s Goods. It costs 1200 Dinks and can be used to mine tin ores as well as rocks. Tin ores can be crafted into tin bars, which can be used for various purposes.


  • It is best to start mining with a copper pickaxe. It is faster than a regular pickaxe and allows you to mine larger stones, increasing your chances of finding shiny stones and giving you access to more copper.


  • Leveling up skills allows you to purchase higher-tier licenses, for example, when you reach level 10 mining, you can unlock the license to craft a better pickaxe.



Craftable Pickaxes in Dinkum

You can craft various types of pickaxes at the crafting table using gathered materials and/or furniture.



Copper Pickaxe

A copper pickaxe is faster and more effective than a regular pickaxe. You need a level 2 mining license to use it.



How to Craft

First of all you will need;


  • 1 Basic Pickaxe


  • 2 Copper Bar




3,250 Dinks



Iron Pickaxe

The best pickaxe in the game is the iron pickaxe.



How to Craft

First of all you will need;


  • 1 Copper Pickaxe


  • 2 Iron Bar




9,062 Dinks



Jackhammer Mining Tool

You can also get the jackhammer mining tool. This tool will be available once John has a permanent store in town and will speed up late-game mining. After you sell the data disks to Franklyn, you can buy a jackhammer from an inventor who comes to town. The jackhammer costs 100,000 Dinks plus materials.



How to Craft

First of all you will need;


  • 5 Old Springs


  • 2 Hot Cylinders


  • 1 Green Board


  • 8 Iron Bars


  • 1 Stone Grinder



Items you should always bring with you to the mines:

  • Pickaxes (copper preferred, then iron later).


  • Hammer & Spear (stunlock + poke-poke combo).


  • As many mining helmets as you can get from Clover (until you research recharging).


  • 6-12 food consumables (especially ones that give buffs and health/stamina boosters).


  • Torch for emergency use if your helmet runs out of juice and you’re not done.


  • Keys for treasures.


  • Repair kits restore all items in inventory + hotkeys, which means that once you’ve built a bunch of tools, all future ingots you make will go into other projects. That 30,000 repair bill becomes a non-issue when one repair effectively resets all your tools. That said, it’d be a lot more convenient if repair tools only cost 1,000 and were per tool rather than all tools. Having them be for all tools just makes the early game more tedious. Invest in multiple copper tools early on before spending your ingots on other things, then make the Repair Station your immediate priority from Franklyn.



How to Get the ”Deep Mining License” in Dinkum?

Raise mining to level 10, unlock the second level of mining license and you can buy the Deep Mining license.


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