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Dinkum: All Fish List (Fishing) Baits & Locations

Dinkum: All Fish List (Fishing) Baits & Locations

Fish are collectible animals in Dinkum that can be caught with a fishing rod. They can be given to Theodore in the Museum, sold for Dinks to John, at John’s Goods, or to Ted Selly. Fish can even be used as furniture.


Fish can be found in many different bodies of water, including the ocean, rivers, billabongs, and mangroves. When you complete the Museum and Theodore arrives in town, you will be able to purchase a fish book and a bug book from him. By equipping the book to the toolbar and holding down on the left click, you will be able to identify fish in the water. If you want to learn more about fishing in Dinkum, read the guide below. You can also learn how to find Ted Selly in this guide.


Dinkum Fishing Guide: Fish Like a Pro


You can find a detailed list of all available fish in Dinkum below. Please keep in mind that many fish only appear during a specific season, with only a few appearing all year.



Fish Name Where to Find Time Found Season
Anchovy Southern oceans Morning & Night Autumn & Spring
Banded Morwong Northern oceans & Southern oceans All Winter
Barcoo Grunter Rivers, Billabongs & Mangroves All All
Barracuda Northern oceans Night Summer, Autumn & Spring
Barramundi Rivers All Autumn, Winter & Spring
Blackfish Billabongs & Rivers All Spring
Black & White Snapper Northern oceans & Southern oceans Day Autumn & Spring
Blob Fish Southern oceans Night Autumn & Winter
Blue Spot Flathead Northern oceans & Southern oceans Morning & Day Summer, Autumn & Spring
Bluefish Northern oceans & Southern oceans All All
Bonytongue Billabongs All All
Boofhead Catfish Mangroves Night Summer, Autumn & Spring
Carp Rivers & Mangroves All All
Eel Tailed Catfish Mangroves All All
Eyestripe Surgeon Fish Northern oceans Day Summer & Spring
Galaxias Rivers All Winter
Garfish Northern oceans & Southern oceans All Winter & Spring
Goat Fish Southern oceans All Summer & Spring
Golden Perch Rivers Morning Spring
Grayling Billabongs & Rivers Day Autumn & Winter
Jungle Perch Rivers & Billabongs All All
Luderick Northern oceans Day Winter
Mangrove Jack Mangroves All All
Marlin Southern oceans Day Autumn & Winter
Murray Cod Rivers Morning Winter & Spring
River Bass Rivers & Mangroves All Summer & Spring
Saratoga Billabongs Night Summer & Autumn
Short Finned Eel Billabongs Night All
Silver Perch Rivers & Billabongs All Autumn & Winter
Stingray Northern oceans Night Summer & Autumn
Tarpon Billabongs All All
Travalla Northern oceans All Autumn & Spring
Yellowfin Tuna Northern oceans & Southern oceans Morning & Night Autumn & Spring



Fishing Lures & Baits

Item Name Ted’s Price John’s Price
Cooked Croco Meat 2,625 1,750
Cooked Drumstick 1,050 700
Cooked Flake 2,850 1,900
Cooked Giant Drumstick 2,250 1,500
Cooked Meat 1,200 800
Cooked Prime Meat 9,000 6,000
Croco Meat 938 625
Flake 1,425 950
Raw Drumstick 525 350
Raw Giant Drumstick 790 500
Raw Meat 600 400
Raw Prime Meat 3,000 2,000


We hope you found this guide helpful. If you want to learn more about the game, do not hesitate to check the other guides listed below.


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