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Cutish Full Game Walkthrough

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Part One

The island:

Arrival on the beach. Take the path after the quay. Go past the camera door. It’s locked. Walk towards a pylon and pick up a number and a color. Continue and take the path that goes up to the cemetery. There are 4 graves with dates of birth and death. Deduce the ages at which these people died.


In the telescope, we see an island with a cistern. Go back down and continue the path. To the right, wasps prevent us from passing. Take the wooden passage. On the right, a ladder gives access to another pylon. Go up and pick up a number and a color. Descend and advance to the cave.


Small cave:

Enter the cave. Solve the riddle. The door opens. In the Bible, there is a piece of paper that gives the opening code for the camera room. Take the piece of paper next to it. Exit and take on the right. There is a cabin.



In the cabin, take the piece of paper from the shelf. Read the newspaper. There is a code for the engine room. Next to it a tray with sliding wooden plates. No interest for the moment. Pick up the colors on the door before going out. Continue to the ruined house.



Solve the riddle and take the crowbar. Note the drawing which gives the order of the numbers of the four pylons on the island. Solve the riddle and take the crank. Return to the locked door and use the code from the Bible.



In the vertical filing cabinet, take the piece of paper. Read a code in the left drawer. Go up to the garden by the ladder. Solve the puzzle to take the small key. Examine Myst’s book on the cot for fun. Go back down, open the central desk drawer. Read the code to access the sewer valve. Open the right drawer and take the matchbox. We can listen to the radio. Get out and go to the cabin.



Solve the drawer code. All codes have a letter and a 6-digit number, like the number of wooden bars. Go back to the cameras.



Turn on the computer

Find out which button turns on the pond camera. The door is closed. Enter the code deducted at the cabin on the keyboard and press the Return key then the white button. The screen door is open. Exit to the right and go down the metal steps.



Go to the sewer exit. Water is flowing, it would be necessary to close a valve to recover an object. The valve is at the bottom hidden by vegetation. Close it and return to the sewer to retrieve a key. Take the container in the garbage. Go up and go towards the swarm of wasps.



go right to the wasp swarm and use the matches on the pile of branches just below the swarm. Because of the smoke, the wasps go away. Look for a piece of paper between the boxes. Read the code. Return to the cabin to obtain an opening code. Return to the control post and enter this code for the door at the bottom of the stairs (button at the bottom right)



Go to the door that leads to the beach. On the right, go up the stairs and use the big key on the gate. Go up the stairs to the right. There are 2 crates at the top. Remove the top box to get the code for the dock door. This gives the cabin the code that allows you to open the platform door at the checkpoint. Going down, take the wooden footbridge to the right which leads to another cave.


Large cave:

Solve the code using the clue in the Camera drawer, enter and light the kerosene lamps. Solve the puzzle and take the cylinder. Get out.



At the very bottom, enter the building. The riddle allows you to recover an ignition key but the clue is found further on in the game. Go to the cabin then to the camera station to open the platform. Go to the quay.



Push the crates to the center. It is a sort of rebus with the number of pylons, screen doors, gates, mooring bollards, and surveillance cameras. Which gives a code. This code opens the only portal available, the warehouse at the top of the stairs. Push the boxes to the foot of the pylon. Note the number and its color. Go to the warehouse.



Use the crowbar on the left crate. It goes on the reels and will unlock the fund at the bottom, which reveals a riddle. The first important word is right. Then read all the numbers in the letter. This code deciphered at the cabin gives the one who opens the screen door giving access to maintenance and extraction. Read a letter on a piece of newspaper in the center drawer. Go to the footbridge over the pond.



On the catwalk, push the box that hides the riddle 42 years = 6 with 4 crosses from the smallest to the largest. These are the 4 graves of the cemetery. These men lived, from the youngest to the oldest.

42 years = 6 means to reduce numbers like 4 + 2 = 6. It’s an example. Which gives a code that opens the maintenance portal



Turn on the lights. Take the paper from the cupboard. On the desk is a model that explains the anti-radar protection of the island. Manipulate the lever. Head towards the collapsing wooden staircase. To access the reinforced door at the back, use the crates. Once the passage is completed, take a wrench in the pipes on the left. Then open the armored door to access a tunnel.



Go to the control console and open the tap behind the console. Insert the key. We do not yet know what temperature to set. Continue to go up the tunnel to arrive on a terrace.



A puzzle is there. Solve the puzzle, which gives the code opening the extraction. Return to the bridge and enter the extraction.



Go to the dormitory. The table above the table contains a clue to the riddle of the building near the beach. Open the next door and enter the toilets. Take the piece of paper out of the toilet. Flush the toilet. Exit and go down the stairs. Open the armored door.



Take the piece of paper from a shelf. Continue and call the elevator. Read a 4-digit number on the counterweight of the elevator. At the top, open the two sliding doors.


Elevator building:

Near the elevator door is the entrance to the machine room. The code can be found in the log in the cabin. There is no riddle in this room but we understand the origin of the energy used throughout the island.



Go around the building, unhook the ladder on the wall and climb up to find a toolbox on the roof. Resolve the code whose index is displayed on the red Maintenance cabinet. Take the screwdriver, go down the stairs and go to the building near the beach.


Beach building:

Solve the riddle using the clue read in the newspaper and the dormitory to get an ignition key. Return to extraction.



Part two


At the top of the stairs, unscrew the grille from the ventilation duct and take the indicator light. Open the trash can next to it and take the paper. Take the corridor on the right and open the door on the right.



In the kitchen, turn on the stove. Take the piece of paper. Open the valve near the sink and the faucet. The water rises. Take the plate. Exit and go near the blue door.


Corridor (Enigma cupboard):

Open the two panels of the electrical system. Install the green indicator light and the missing plate. Solve the puzzle then press the button. The electrical circuit is shown in yellow. You can open the blue door with the big red button. Go through this door.
Turn left and go down the spiral staircase.


Extraction Workshop:

Take a piece of paper from a filing cabinet that finally gives the code for the office door. There is a puzzle machine on the wall. The clues are 3 letters scattered in various places including one in the garage, inaccessible for the moment. Solve the riddle on the workbench to get a padlock key. Go up, turn right after the blue door and open the office door.



On the desk, note the light squares from top to bottom, following the order of the colors found on the door of the cabin. Another Myst book. Open the metal filing cabinet. Read a letter on a piece of newspaper in the center drawer.

Open the door with the reconstituted paper code. Open the chest with the key found at the bottom. A code is displayed on the cover. This code opens the boat garage. Take the board from the shelf. Exit.



Go back to the blue door. Go straight ahead and turn right until you reach the hole in the ground. Put down the board and move on.


Steam station:

Watch the temperature. This is the same as the one that was set in the tunnel. We see that a certain temperature is required for the system to work. If necessary, return to this tunnel to set the correct temperature by raising or lowering the tank. The temperature does not need to be precise to the nearest degree.


Dining room:

Examine the objects on the right sideboard. Deduce a code to solve at the cabin. There are only two portals left to open. This code opens the Storage at the bottom of the elevator. The third book by Myst is present. Go to storage through the armored door near the garbage cans.



Go down the small staircase. Take the spyglass off the shelf. Take the empty container. Under the cameras, read the riddle that allows you to know the level of the 3 tanks. Return to extraction. You can go there directly by turning right through the armored door or leave by the elevator. But first, go back to maintenance then to the tunnel to adjust the temperature then go back to the 3 tanks.


Extraction (the 3 tanks):

Vary the levels in the tanks according to the code then turn the right valve. Take the key. Take the spiral staircase again and use the key to open the large 4-part door.



Arrival at the extraction well. Solve the puzzle on the paddle to get the gear. Go up the metal staircase. Take the battery. We don’t have the correct voltage code yet. Exit and go to the top of the large exterior staircase.



Put down the telescope and look at the number and its color on the pylon. If it rains, visibility is zero and you will have to wait for good weather when entering any building and then exit. The rain is random.

Now that the 4 colored digits are read, go to storage until the coded door.


Storage (office):

Use the code deduced on the mechanism. Enter. Take the piece of paper that completes the winch code for the well. Read the notepad with directions in the maintenance desk drawer. Take the key that opens this drawer but it disappears in a mechanism. Test the drawers. Every 3 tries, the key changes drawer. Don’t forget to take the diamond cassette and go to maintenance.



Open the central drawer which gives the code for the tower. But it still lacks the handle to deactivate the anti-radar system.



Enter the correct voltage to start the machinery. Go down the stairs and enter the basket.


Press the down button and the platform goes down. The goal is to collect 7 diamonds embedded in the wall. You can do it while going down but you can stop the basket for more ease. You must have taken the pickaxe near the entrance to the extraction.
Once the 7 diamonds are in the box, it tilts and gives the code that opens the gate to the boat garage



Behind the desk, enter the code on the digital code. The clues are the number on the counterweight in the elevator and the colors on the office door next to it. take the key. Go down on the metal platform and take the plank at the bottom. Use the key to open the office. Read a letter on a piece of newspaper in the center drawer. Go on the boat thanks to the board. Insert the ignition key. At the back, unscrew the cap but there is no gasoline. Exit the garage. Now the 3 letters are united. Return to the Extraction Workshop and solve the puzzle on the wall. Take the circuit breaker handle. It will be used in the tower. exit



On the right, place the gear on the mechanism. Put the crank found in the ruined house on the mechanism. Maneuver and enter. Turn on the light. Go down the stairs and get into the wagon. Place the battery underneath and switch on the ignition. Push the lever.
Arrived at the top, go down and go up the stairs. Use the cylinder on the grid. Continue to the quay. Go down the slope into the water. Take the valve from the wreckage and put it on the tap. Place the empty container. Fill the gasoline can. Once full, it goes into the inventory. Return to the train and return to the island by the wagon. Go to extraction.



Go to the riddle downstairs, near the large armored door. Solve the puzzle to collect a handle. Go to the tower.



Put the handle on the circuit breaker and operate. The anti-radar system is now deactivated. Go to the garage.



Fill the tank of the boat. Start the engine with the red button. He turns. We must open the exterior doors. In the office, turn on the wall chart. The system of the small pentagonal tower of the small office near the refectory and the colors on the door of the hut give us the code.
The doors will open and close when the timer goes to zero. Get back into the boat and leave.



End of Game


– By relaunching the game, you can walk freely around the island.

– Multiple players can play using Windows sessions. The saves are independent because they are not saved in the game folder.


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