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CROWZ Beginner’s Guide: Basic Tips for New Mercenaries

CROWZ Beginner's Guide: Basic Tips for New Mercenaries

Both Battlefield and Call of Duty were put on notice recently with the launch of CROWZ on March 28th. Developed by ROYALCROW and published by THUMBAGE, CROWZ is a tactical squad shooter that can be played in either first or third person. In the game’s universe, meteorites have begun to crashland into the Earth’s surface, bringing with them a powerful new resource called Q-on.


To collect this material, nations across the globe dispatch groups of mercenaries called CROWZ to take the Q-on, and eliminate anyone who stands in their way. You and your friends will play as a CROWZ squad and compete in matches against other squads of CROWZ. If you’re one of the many gamers diving into this free-to-play multiplayer shooter, you could probably use a few tips to help you and your team come out on top.


Thankfully, I have a few tips in this CROWZ Beginner’s Guide that will help your squad get used to the game’s mechanics and systems much faster, giving you an edge in combat. If you want to be one of the CROWZ squads that fly high, let’s get started.



A Few Basics

If you’ve played an online shooter before, you’ll probably be familiar with the controls for CROWZ. But, if you aren’t, here are a few quick inputs. First, you’ll obviously be moving with your WASD keys, but for extra tactical depth, you can also crouch with the X key, and go prone with the Z key. These maneuvers will help you be less of a target and stay out of the enemy’s sight.


You can also mantle and parkour across the map using the Space Bar. This can help you find a better position to wait for your prey. When you encounter a meteorite, it will emit a gas that will damage you without protection. To negate this damage, you can equip your gasmask with the 6 key.



Weapons And Customization

In CROWZ, you’ll be faced with different situations as far as enemy engagements go. In order to effectively deal with them, you may want to have a few different weapons on you. For instance, a shotgun for close encounters, an assault rifle for medium range, and a snipe rifle or a DMR for picking enemies off at a distance.


CROWZ Beginner's Guide: Basic Tips for New Mercenaries


Each of the weapons you equip can be customized with a range of different parts that will change their attributes, making them more effective at the scenario they are suited for. How you decide to organize your loadout can be the difference between success and failure, so make sure you spend some time on that!



Aiming Down Sights

When you’re zeroing in on a target with a scoped weapon, you have a few options to make sure that your shot has the best chance of connecting. First, you’re able to hold your breath to steady your shot using the Shift button while aiming. The steadiness provided by holding your breath is crucial for long-distance shots.


Also crucial in these situations is the level of magnification on your scope. You can increase or decrease the level of magnification by holding the CTRL key and scrolling your mouse wheel either up or down.




To traverse the massive maps of CROWZ, you’ll have access to several artillery-equipped vehicles. This includes a jeep, an attack chopper, and a tank. Controls for all vehicles are much the same as your on-foot controls, with a few exceptions.


CROWZ Beginner's Guide: Basic Tips for New Mercenaries


You’re able to change seats in any vehicle using the comma key [,]. In the chopper, you can increase or decrease your altitude using the Shift and CTRL keys respectively. In the tank, you can deploy a smokescreen using the X key. The tank also has several weapons on board that can be manned by several members of your squad, so make use of that!




The use of vehicles isn’t exclusive to your squad. The opposing squad will also be able to find and operate vehicles, so it’s important to know how to neutralize those threats, especially tanks.


You’re able to call in a targeted, concentrated bombardment on a single target by calling in the attack aircraft. This will drop a bomb that affects a large area, destroying anything within range. Even tanks are no match for this tactical strike. The issue is that these strikes take a while to happen after you call them in, so if your target is particularly mobile, it can be long gone before the bomb ever drops.


For these situations, you can either call in heavy artillery bombardment that will continue to strike the same area for a few seconds or take matters into your own hands with the Javelin Rocket Launcher. Javelin missiles will lock onto a specific target, and track them after firing so you’ll hit even if the target is moving.




That’s it, new CROWZ! I hope these tips help you on your way to enjoying the game and showing other squads who’s boss. Good luck, and watch your six.


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