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Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues Cheats

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The following are all the Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues achievements and how you can unlock them:


Bullies are so 80s

Finish off your first of many Skeleton enemies


Strike First

Start a Cobra Kai Campaign


Karate Kid Saga Continues

Finish Mini Golf and Arcade level



Throw an Enemy into the Basketball Hoops


Keep for your Collection

Found your first collectible



Finish an enemy smackin his face on the ground


Turtles Style

Throw an Enemy at the screen


Just Browsing

Buy your first upgrade


Here comes a New Challenger

Complete your first Karate Challenge


Karate for Defense

Start a Miyagi Do Campaign


No Mercy

Get 120 Hits in a single combo


Gravity Defiant

Finish 5 Big-Boned Skeletons while they are in the air



Beat Cruz with a Special Punch


Big bill

Buy 50 upgrades


I’m Faster

Finish a Speedy goon with a running attack


White Belt

Complete Karate Challenges group Warming Up


It’s Open Season

Finish 3 Baseball Bat Skeletons with a baseball bat or similar weapon



Finish Demetri with Hawk or vice-versa


Kick The Competition

Finish Tom Cole with a Kick



Finish Robby with Miguel or vice-versa


Gimme a Hug

Finish 5 Hippie Hipsters with Grab Attacks



Make all Tournament brackets nameplates fall off the panel


Karate is for Defense

Parry 10 attacks without being hit


This is my favorite

Upgrade any Skill to the maximum (including Mastery)


Family Business

Finish Sid off with Johnny or Robby


You kiss with that mouth?

Smack Kyler’s face into the floor with a ground attack mounted on his back


Girl Fight

Beat Yasmine using Tory or Sam


I know my Cobra Kai

Unlock 30 Collectibles


Different but Same

Start a second Campaign with the other dojo after finishing the story with one dojo


Brown Belt

Complete Karate Challenges group Rivalry Dominance


Fear Does Not Exist in this Dojo

Finish any Story level without being hit


Karate Kid Scholar

Unlock 60 Collectibles


This Will Never be Over

Finish Johnny with Daniel or vice-versa


Purple Belt

Complete Karate Challenges group Surgical


Blue Belt

Complete Karate Challenges group Specialist


Green Belt

Complete Karate Challenges group Environmentalist


Orange Belt

Complete Karate Challenges group Combo Freak


I’m coming for you, B

Finish Tory with Sam or vice-versa


They’re all my favorite

Upgrade 4 Skills to the maximum (including Mastery)


Streets of Reseda

Clear all City Missions



Beat ???? and reveal the true story


Cobra Kai Never Dies

Finish Daniel with Johnny’s Cobra Ultimate


Crane Justice

Hit a Crane Kick on Kreese


Dodge the Irony

Beat Armand with Miguel’s Jump Skill


Yellow Belt

Complete Karate Challenges group Skill Master


Black Belt

Complete Karate Challenges group Karate Champion


Cobra Kai Wiki

Unlock 90 Collectibles


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