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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021: Tips and Tricks: a Beginner’s Guide

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The Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 guide is filled with essential tips and tricks to help you master the game.


  • If you want to progress in story mode and get levels quickly, you should complete simple orders, such as exhaust and braking systems and changing oil and filters.


  • You do NOT get paid for repairing or upgrading any parts that were not in your repair request. Stick to what they asked for, and stop giving away your money!


  • Speaking of parts, after every couple of vehicles, I recommend visiting the repair bench. Figure out which parts you will have a chance to repair, and sell the rest from your inventory. Keep the other items until you have upgraded your repair chance, then get to crackin’!


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  • Do not buy new items to replace parts with more than 85% durability (green). It’s not cost-effective.


  • Some parts can only have their condition found by removing them from the vehicle. Check your repair orders often.


  • Double-check the oil level after adding oil. If the level is not over half full on the dipstick, you’re not done yet.


  • Fix everything on the workbench—just spam buttons. Don’t try to hit a range between 85% and 100%. It’s time-wasting.


  • Do not buy body parts to replace YELLOW durability. Maybe orange or red makes sense.


  • Fixing interior parts (buying new ones) is not worth it. Unless to get a feeling of 100% done car.


  • Cleaning the interior makes sense as it costs only $100. In 90% of cases, it is immediately paid back by increased car price and restoration bonus. The rest, 10%, can be ignored. So clean up interior every time.


  • Welding frame may make sense only when frame durability is Yellow, Orange or Red.


  • Adding “Quality” parts does not raise the performance. It only raises the value. There is no point in adding quality parts to a customer’s job–it doesn’t increase the value. Save the quality parts for your car.


  • Once you start getting repair requests that include body parts (on the vehicle, we’re not doctors here), be careful to note whether you are requested to paint the car a specific color. Do not take these orders if you have not unlocked the paint booth, as you will be unable to complete the job otherwise and will only get a partial repair payment.


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