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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – The Shop Tools – Guide

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The Shop Tools

You can interact and role-plays with each one of them…



  • Engine hoist (US slang name “Cherry picker”).

You no longer have to go about major servicing on engines while in the car. You can now pull the engine out completely. To pull the engine, empty the engine oil, drop the transmission/gearbox, and remove the front exhaust pipes to the Exhaust manifold. Select pull engine, and then go to the engine stand to put the engine on it. Do your thing…



  • Engine Stand.

When you put the engine on this, you can work on it and rotate the engine on the stand as you need.


Can you just put a block on it and build an engine for your project cars? Yep.. 🙂


This sets the assignment of the engine type to be built for the car.*To build a new engine for your project car, you need to put the block in the car first by starting with the block. Pull block with the engine hoist; this assigns the engine type layout for the stand, then put it on the stand and do your build.



  • Welding machine.

You use this to restore the body of the car.



  • Interior Cleaning tray.

You use this to restore the interior of the car. But you may still have to replace the seats and steering wheel… Yeah, the seats and steering wheel are replaceable.



  • Strut compressor.

Yeah, we got one here, spring-loaded shocks and the struts no longer come apart in separate pieces like in CMS 2015. You now use this shop tool to compress the spring to disassemble and decompress to re-assemble.



  • Tire Machine.

Yeah, it works, so it is not for looks; place your rim and tire on it to put it together or take it apart.



  • Tire balancer.

Once you have the tires ready, you put them on this to balance them.


*When you get tires, you need to pay attention to what you’re doing. All tires have the rim size, tire height, and tire width.


*The tire height is the measurement from the rim to the road. Example 205.


*The tire width is how wide the tire will be. Example 45


*Rim size is marked as R, for example, R15.


This tire would be 205/45R15. You must pay attention to this. Wrong rim size and you just bought a tire or rim you can not use, wrong width and height, your car will not ride right, may pull to one side if on the front, or cause uneven wear if it is on the back. Not all tires are the same. So do not just JUMP into the tire selection and start grabbing stuff. There is no point in wasting money.


You have to balance them first!*Any tire put together on the tire machine will not go back on a car. Why is this? Not because of the due process of the tire machine. Tires are not perfect, so they always have a location where they are fused that offsets the balance of the tire. Put them on as is, and the car will shake to death at speeds faster than 20mph.


On the balancer, it will locate the points where to put the counterweights on the rim. Here now, you can place on the correct counterweights, put it on the car, and cruise at 120mph, and the car will be riding smooth. The only shake will be the result of the road you are on. For anyone’s personal knowledge of the type of weights, rim fitted and stick on. Rim fitted usually is installed on steel rims. Aluminum rims get stick-on, or pending on the type of aluminum rim, may get rim fitted, be they are installed, hidden on the back of the rim.


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