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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – How to Read a Tire Size, Width


How to Read a Tire Size

It’s simple to understand what all of the letters and numbers on your tire’s sidewall mean with a little explanation. The numbers correspond to the tire’s size, width, and performance. For example,


  • (235/35R18)


Note: 235 refers to the width, 35R is profile, The 18 at the end is size.


After the aspect ratio comes a letter that indicates the type of internal construction maintaining your tire’s stability: 225/70R16.


There are two types of construction that you may see on the sidewall of a tire:


  • R – Radial


  • D – Diagonal or Bias Ply


Radial tires represent the vast majority of tires on the road in the United States today; thus “R” will usually be shown in the tire size designation. Radial construction means the tire’s internal ply cords are oriented in a radial direction, from one bead over to the other, essentially perpendicular to the axis of rotation.


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