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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – Garage Tools and Extensions Guide

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You can spend your credits to improve your garage by adding extensions and tools that will allow you to analyze and perform more complex repairs. We strongly recommend that you keep a minimum of 5,000 credits at all times when you are starting to allow you to advance the purchase of parts. You can even permanently keep 10,000 credits which will not be too much for certain repairs. When you get to the point of buying vehicles to restore, your capital will certainly have to exceed several tens of thousands of credits.


As you get started, it may be worth acquiring the diagnostic tools to find repairs you need to make quickly. You will need to spend 1,400 credits for core tools and add 1,500 credits for onboard diagnostics, although it is not vital at first.


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  • Tablet – value 500 CR: buy it from the start. It allows you to access the stores without going through the computer, which is significant in terms of saving time and convenience.


  • Electronic multimeter – value 150 CR: it will allow you to check the electrical condition of the parts.


  • Depth gauge – value 150 CR: used to check tire wear.




  • Pressure indicator – value 300 CR: it allows you to check the tire pressure.


  • Compressiometer – value 300 CR: used to check the compression of the engines.


  • On-board diagnostics – 1,500 CR value: this rather expensive device for your beginnings can still come in handy quite quickly.


For the rest, unless you find yourself obliged for a repair, I advise you to keep 5,000 credits in cash at all times. The following list shows you the purchases to be made to complete your garage:


  • Charger – 550 CR value: it allows you to charge the batteries.


  • Salvage – 2,500 CR value: exterior extension of your garage that allows you to salvage upgrades on worn parts.


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