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Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Best & Recommended Graphic Settings Guide

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Best & Recommended Graphic Settings

Some settings such as motion blurs are detrimental to your fighting performance as they can cause distractions. Disable these settings to gain the upper hand in split-second fights.



  • Recommended Graphic Settings:

OptionSettings – Description

Field of View – As wide as possible (max 120°) – Having a higher field of view gives you more awareness of your surroundings.


World & Weapon Motion Blur – Disabled – Faster target acquirement without the blur.


Texture Resolution – Very Low – Low texture setting has minimal effect on your ability to find & acquire targets but increases performance.


Custom Framerate Limit – Enabled – set to 60 No need to burn out your hardware for frame rate of over 60.


Particle Quality – Low – Particles has a higher performance hit. Lower it to gain better performance.


Bullet Impacts – Enabled – Bullet impacts are helpful in determining where the enemy fire is coming from, so leave this on.


Cache Spot & Sun Shadows – Enabled – Increased rendering speed if your memory can handle it.


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