BIOMUTANT – How to Disable Anti-Aliasing (AA)


How to Disable Anti Aliasing

Anti-aliasing in gaming is a technique that is used to smooth jagged lines or textures by blending the color of the pixels with the color of an edge. You will easily notice anti-aliasing when playing games in low to medium settings as the edges of the objects are sharp and not smooth (what we refer to as jagged edges), this is a result of an anti-aliasing setting that is too low.


If you need more FPS you can easily disable Anti-Aliasing. Follow these simple steps to disable the anti-aliasing in BIOMUTANT.



  • Go to the configuration file(s) location.

%LOCALAPPDATA%\THQ Nordic\BIOMUTANT\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\



  • OpenEngine.ini



  • Add the following and save the file.





– A game update will likely restore the files.


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