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Beginner’s Guide to ICARUS – Tips and Tricks

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The Icarus is a PvE survival game where eight players can compete with each other or either play as a solo as per their wish. A space station orbits an alien planet at the beginning of the game. Since this is a game of co-operation, you can ask your friends to visit your space station. Developers are likely to add more classes in future updates, making it even more fun.


This article describes some of the game’s essentials that will surely help beginners. For those just learning about this game or new to it, we recommend reading this guide.



1.  Survival From Start

  • As soon as you exit the landing pod, it would be best to begin running west and a little bit south immediately. Upon reaching the lake, gather everything you can on the road, and eventually, you will reach an island. You will need this lake to survive. You can gather water, food, resources, and protection from it.


  • Fish do not live in that area, so it is ideal. If you swim in it, you will not be poisoned. You must have three talent points and be a level 1 to swim in it. Buy knives, bows, and stone arrows with them.



2.  Hunt Begins

  • The hunt begins now. Shoot wolves or bears once to get their attention, then run into the water once you have their attention. They will pursue you in the water.


  • You need to swim backward and stab the predator in the head when it is close. It takes between 10 and 13 swings to kill a bear, and you will be hit for 190 damage at the head. Since you swim backward from them, you are 100% safe from attacks in the water.


  • Skin your prey by swimming down. The experience you gain will be enormous, and you’ll beg for more meat, bones, and furs soon. A lake is a safe place as long as you stay around it. If anyone tries to harm you, just run into the water.





3.  Build a House

  • You eventually want to build a house on that small island after you have gained some levels. After that, you will no longer have to worry about animals that can spawn right under your wall when you log in.


  • You will start with wood, then upgrade to stone. Building a bridge with a few gaps between the house and the nearest shore will allow you to jump in, but animals will not.



4.  Methods for Gathering Food

The following four methods are suitable for gathering food on lower levels:


  • By gathering berries, you’re most likely to be safe and easy. As a result, you need to harvest a lot of berries as a way to replenish your hunger.


  • You can supply yourself with fish meat to cook by killing fish in a nearby lake with a knife or arrows (or an ax or pickaxe, for that matter). However, poisonous species should be avoided.


  • If you chase a raccoon down and kill it with a knife, you can skin it for leather, bone, and raw meat.


  • A Wood Bow and Stone Arrows are unlocked when you hunt baby deer. Sneaking is essential if you want to maximize your shot chances. However, until the game unlocks better weapons, you will be unable to take down any larger deer.



5.  Use Berries to Full Thirst

  • If you live near a body of water, check it out. You’ll need to locate a cave or search for freshwater to hydrate yourself soon in the absence of water nearby.


  • Nevertheless, if water is not available for a long time, you should collect and consume berries. By eating berries, you can prolong your thirst meter’s life. Take a rock and a stick and put them in your bag.


  • Your first tools to craft are a stone ax and a stone pickaxe. For crafting them, you need two fibers, four sticks, and eight stones.


  • Concentrate on cutting down trees instead of mining stones for faster leveling. To prepare for hunting and complete your basic set, you should soon unlock and craft a Stone Knife.



6.  Get Automatic Consumption

  • Locate some light blue ore nodes of oxide nearby by picking up some blue rocks. It would be best to have a stack of 50 or so ore nodes by mining the ore node.


  • Once you have completed the stack, please place it in the slot right next to oxygen in your inventory to ensure automatic consumption. In addition to right-clicking oxide and selecting “consume stack,” you can also use an Oxidizer to get more from it, but it is not required during early leveling.


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