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ArcheAge: Unchained – The Resident Board Quests Guide

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The Resident Board Quests

Each resident board right outside a community center has a daily quest where it asks you to supply the community with either iron ingots, lumber, leather, or fabric. The amount of each item required varies from day to day but is always either 20, 60, or 100 items. You can see what amount the community centers are asking for each day by pressing the “G” button next to the resident board. However, the type of material asked for at a particular community center is the same every day.



West Continent

  • Fabric: Lilyut, Marianople, Two Crowns, Halcyona | Arcum Iris, Falcorth Plains


  • Iron Ingots: Ahrain Rock, Dewstone, Cindermoore | Rokhala Mt., Solis Headlands, Sunbite Winds, Tigerspine Mt.


  • Leather: Ahnimar, Aubre Cradle, Sanddeep, Karkasse Ridgeland |Mahadevi, Rockborne Basin, Villanelle, Windscour Savannah


  • Lumber: Gweonid Forest, Solzreed Peninsula, White Arden, and Hellswamp |Silent Forest, Ynystere, Perinoor Ruins, Halsa


You can complete these quests each day for each material and each amount. So up to three quests for iron ingots, up to three quests for lumber, etc., for a total of twelve quests at most. This means you can get up to twelve Blue Salt Bonds each day from this method alone. Now, I say at most since sometimes more than one location requires the same amount of material.


These quests also offer gold and experience as a reward, with the 20 items giving 2.5 gold and 2000 experience, the 60 item quests giving 7.5 gold and 3000 experience, and the 100 items giving 12.5 gold and 5000 experience. This could mean that for the cheaper base materials, you might actually earn a little gold on occasion.


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