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ArcheAge: Unchained – How to Make a Trade Pack

ArcheAge: Unchained - How to Make a Trade Pack

Trade packs are made at Speciality Workstations. These can usually be found near community centers in every region and often in additional locations within the region. Each Speciality Workstation has the ability to create specific trade packs that are native to the region it is in. For example, the Speciality Workbench in Dewstone can produce the following trade packs:


  • Dewstone Fine Gilda Speciality


  • Dewstone Fine Speciality


  • Dewstone Fine Local Speciality (if you have a house in Dewstone)


With a greater variety becoming available as the community development index rises.


Each trade pack requires certain materials and labor points, and some of them require Gilda stars as well. You can see the materials requirements in the Specialty Workbench interface by selecting a trade item.


The materials required are most often materials you get from farming activities, such as flowers, herbs, and fruit, and produce you get from processing these farming materials, such as medicinal powder and orchard puree.


To produce a trade pack, you need to have the required materials in your inventory. You will also need some money and usually 50 to 60 labor points. Once you make a trade pack it is placed on your back and you become encumbered by it. Therefore you should be sure not to make a trade pack unless you can either store it safely or deliver it.


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