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ArcheAge: Unchained – How to Make a Stone Pack

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How to Make a Stone Pack

You first need to get raw stones. Raw stones can be mined from stone piles you find in various locations around Archeage. Some areas are far better than others for mining as the stone piles are concentrated in a small area, two good areas the Granite Quarry in Arcum Iris and a circular area around Blackreath Keep in Solzreed Peninsula. Each stone pile costs 10 labor to mine and you will usually get 5 to 6 raw stone from one.


Once you have 300 raw stone you need to make stone bricks from the raw stone. One stone brick requires three raw stone and costs 5 labor to make with 300 raw stone making 100 stone bricks. You do this at a stonemason workbench you can find in most towns.


The stone pack then requires those 100 stone bricks and costs 25 labor to make. The labor cost of a single stone pack is therefore about 1000 labor.


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