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ArcheAge: Unchained – How to Make a Lumber Pack

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How to Make a Lumber Pack

For Lumber packs, you need to get logs. These can be chopped from trees you find in various locations around Archeage. Each tree costs 10 – 15 labor to chop and you will usually get 5 to 6 lumber from one. Some trees give more lumber, some less. You can also grow your own trees on a public farm or on your own scarecrow farm.


Similar to the stone pack, you need to make lumber from the logs. One lumber requires three logs and costs 5 labor to make one. The lumber pack then requires 100 lumber and costs 25 labor to make. Meaning that you will need three hundred logs for a single lumber pack.


The labor cost of a single lumber pack is also about 1000 labor.


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