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A Complete Guide to Resource Gathering & Management in Distant Worlds 2

A Complete Guide to Resource Gathering & Management in Distant Worlds 2

The key to building an unstoppable empire is to keep a steady supply of necessary resources. There are 79 resources in the game, each serving a different purpose, and knowing how and when to mine them keeps you ahead of the rest. 


Here is a quick tutorial on how to manage resources. If you’re having trouble with a specific topic, check out our other Distant Worlds 2 guides.


  • Your empire doesn’t have a common pool of resources. They must be transported from the source to the location where they will be used for construction or other purposes. 


  • The Private Industry prioritizes profitable resources over the ones you need for strategic expansion and growth of your empire. They might not even pursue newly discovered resources or build new mining ships.


  • Firstly, head over to the exploration tab and set every system to manual control. We’ll shortly discuss mining stations and how you can use them to farm specific resources.


  • Each source (planet, moon, or asteroid) houses one or multiple mineable resources.


A Complete Guide to Resource Gathering & Management in Distant Worlds 2


For instance, according to the image, you can mine the Podanthia Root in Urukablis 3. It has only 28% mining efficiency (higher means faster mining speed) and has a higher demand than supply indicated by the red border around the icon.


  • Let’s pretend the Private Economy isn’t focusing on the Podanthia Roots. In that case, you can simply construct a mining station on that planet. 


A Complete Distant Worlds 2 Economy Guide


It’s worth noting that you’re not actually building the stations; you’re only granting the license to Private companies to make it instead. Learn more about the state and Private economy in our Distant Worlds 2 Economy Guide.


  • The mining station will keep mining resources from the designated celestial body, freeing up the mining ships to mine somewhere else. The Private Economy will now only invest in freighters to transport resources from the stations to where they are needed.


  • A colony income boost is negligible at new colonies, and it’s inefficient to move resources there. It’s better to maintain direct control of your resources and determine where they end up. 


  • Also, limit the amount of resources received across all of your colonies by using manual stock levels.


  • Building new mining locations encourages the Private Industry to construct more freighters. Constructing new resort locations encourages them to build more passenger ships. Exploring new supplies and colonizing planets across the galaxy motivates them to construct more mining ships.



Parting thoughts

Make plans for future expansion. Is your colony happy and satisfied? Are they living in a safe environment? Which resources are at risk of being depleted? Ask yourself these questions whenever you’re exploring or granting licenses to Private companies for mining ship/station construction.


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