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A Beginner’s Guide to RAILROADS Online! – Tips and Tricks

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Have you ever dreamed of building and driving a train of your custom railroad? If so, your dream comes true with the release of Railroads Online. Although dozens of Train Simulations already existed, Railroads Online comes with a unique concept and dozens of borrowed elements from other titles of the same categories. It mixes Automobile Simulation, Trains, Crafting, Building, and Driving components to ensure thrilling gameplay. Whether you love to be a business tycoon or want to drive the Train of your dream, Railroads Online has it all.



Railroads Online Beginner’s Guide – How to Play

You have to build your railways, create your dreams’ trains, and then start exploring the huge Open World to complete objectives like in other Train Sims.



  1. Create, Build, and Run Railroad

As mentioned previously, you can build a railroad to transport goods and passengers from one location to another. Before starting, keep in mind that building a railroad isn’t an easy task; therefore, you learn first how it works and improve your creativity skills to design different types of roads. When playing the game, you can make tracks, turntables, switches, and trestles with the help of your friends or alone when playing in the Single-player mode.



  1. Stations and Yards

You are not only limited to rail building only, as you can build stations and yards too. Work on creating a complete railway station infrastructure using different routes and offering the best services to defeat the rivals. You can traverse to jungles, rivers, planes, and canyons to earn a lot of money. The highly detailed graphics are designed to keep you entertained for hours on end.



  1. Interaction with Regulators

In the 3D world, everything is at your fingertips, so plan your strategy before starting the gameplay and read the basic rules to master.  Here you can interact with regulators and keep an eye on brakes, couplers, as well as valves.



  1. Transport Goods

Like Real world railway services, you have to transport goods, including the following: Coal, Oil, Ores, Logs, Valuable Freight, and more.



Railroads Online Guide – Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t feature any tutorial to make you understand how the game works. Apart from that, we have compiled a guide holding names and roles of the Train.


  • Pressure Gauge – As the name implies, it is used to check the amount of steam.


  • Reverser – You can use it to switch between forward and reverse gear.


  • Regulator – It is used to send the steam amount and to slow or accelerate the engine.


  • Fuel – Surely, you would be familiar with it.


  • Water Level Gauge – It indicates the level of water inside the chamber.


  • Fire Room – The room that holds fuel and can open with a button.


  • Cylinder Cock – It is used to escape the steam.


  • Sound Bell – Upon pulling the Sound Bell, a bell rings for a long time to alert everyone.



How to Start Engine?

Like a real train driver, you have to deal with dozens of things to start the engine in Railroads Online. Follow the steps below to start the engine in RAILROADS Online!


  • To start, go to the locomotive and simply click the left mouse button to open the firebox.




  • On the left side of the engine room, you must click on the wood piled up to hold them.


  • Throw woods into the firebox five times and close it.


  • Keep an eye on the steam pressure gauge or hit the F button to open the screen.


  • Once the pressure gauge reaches the set position, pull the brake available on the right side of the engine room and set it to 0%.


  • Now, push the reverser to the backside and let the Train move forward upon pulling the regulator to accelerate.


We have covered almost everything you should know before starting to play Railroads Online. If you have any additional tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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