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6 Best Tips & Tricks to Get Started in Predecessor

6 Best Tips & Tricks to Get Started in Predecessor

Since League of Legends exploded in popularity, the MOBA genre has become a force to be reckoned with in the video game industry. Its addicting gameplay formula and focus on memorable characters that endear themselves to you have ensured that fact. This has led to massive die-hard communities of fans that have even begun to rival those of the shooter genre, which is a much older, well-established genre.


Well, both of those genres can coexist in harmony now with the launch of Predecessor, a game that uses the action-forward mechanics of a third-person shooter and combines them with the heroes and lane system of a traditional MOBA.


If you’re one of the players who have been enjoying Predecessor’s unique mix of genres but maybe aren’t very familiar with one of those two, then you could use some help getting started. So join us today as we go over the 6 Best Tips to Get Started in Predecessor.



Learn Each Character’s Abilities

Abilities are the backbone of any MOBA game, and Predecessor is no different. Each of the game’s characters has their own unique set of skills that will make them more suited to very specific styles of play. At the beginning, you should be trying each character to see which one feels better to you, and as you do that make sure you’re making notes of their abilities.


You won’t be able to recall them right away, but when battles get heated and you need to be on top of your game, you’re going to need to know exactly what your abilities are and how to activate them. So as you’re practicing, make a conscious effort to remember which button does what, and what is the best situation for that ability.



I See You

In a MOBA game, your enemies will be hidden from you until you get in range, and you will be hidden from them due to the Fog of War. There are even areas such as tall grass where you can hide from enemies for an ambush.


Predecessor handles this MOBA trait in an interesting way. Since it is a third-person shooter, it would be much harder to hide things from you than it would be in the traditional isometric view, so Predecessor relies on map design and magic barriers to obscure your vision. This is where teamwork comes in. Whenever you see an enemy, tagging them makes them visible to you and your friends, even through walls. So don’t forget to tag!



Time to Resupply

If you’re under fire and barely holding on, you might need to take a breather or restock on supplies. In most games, you’re stuck until the enemy kills you, but Predecessor is also a MOBA!


6 Best Tips & Tricks to Get Started in Predecessor


When this happens, if you can get out of combat and away from enemies, you can press the B button to teleport back to your base. From there, you can gather yourself and purchase some supplies before you head back out into the fray.



The Game Knows What’s Best

When you’re starting out in Predecessor, there will be a lot to learn. As you’re trying to absorb game rules and mechanics, you probably won’t want to add another aspect of the game to learn about at the same time, and the developers kindly considered that.


So, instead of learning about the item system right away and making a build, you can use Predecessor’s auto-buy system to allow the game to purchase an optimized loadout of items for you before every match. It saves time, and you can learn about what works for your character without too much experimentation.



Don’t Forget to Heal

In Predecessor, each character has access to a Refillable Potion, which can heal 80 points of damage twice before it is depleted. This is important as you will inevitably take damage, and keeping that topped up as much as you can will be critical to surviving and eventually winning matches.


However, once you use both charges, that’s not it for the entire match. Your potion will refill whenever you return to your base. Think of it like an Estus flash from Dark Souls, where you can use it a certain number of times but then need to sit at a bonfire to fill it back up. Carefully strategizing when you use your potion and when you go to refill it is a pretty important part of the game, and it’s something that you’ll feel out the more time you spend in it.


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