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5 Exciting Things Happening in Gotham Knights

5 Exciting Things Happening in Gotham Knights

There are plenty of interesting games coming in 2022 that have gamers eagerly waiting for their release. Gotham Knight is one of those titles. Gotham Knights is a third-person open-world RPG developed by WB Games Montréal. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will publish the game.



Mr. Freeze is on the roster of villains

Although there isn’t too much information about the villains, Mr. Freeze is confirmed to play a role, and there’s even a gameplay clip released.



He doesn’t play a role nearly as significant as the court of owls that the game is focused on.



There’s drop-in, drop-out Co-op

Not many games use this feature, and it’s always a nice touch when it is brought back to light, and it’s actually a huge focus of the developers. Players can drop in and out of another player’s session at any time.


Not only is there seamless drop-in, drop-out co-op, but combat is actually geared towards co-op gameplay.


But while a lot of attention is on co-op gameplay, players do not have to play with others and can actually complete the game completely solo.



Every Knight is Unique

No two Heroes are alike in Gotham knight. Each one it suited to fight and approach problems in a different style. On top of that, Knights will have their own unique abilities and skill trees.


5 Exciting Things Happening in Gotham Knights


Red Hood is a volatile anti-hero that can use an arsenal of weapons for combat.


Robin is a stealthy warrior armed with a collapsible quarterstaff.


Batgirl is a hacker that fights with her favorite weapon, the tonfa.


Nightwing is a master acrobat and fights with his signature dual escrima sticks.



The story is entirely original

Warner Brothers created this story from scratch to offer players a fresh take. So they are not recreating any comic book stories. But this is still Gotham, so expect to see some familiar locations or styles.



There is no Batman

In this game, Batman is dead at the start, and as of right now, it’s unclear what killed him. But it’s almost certain he will not make an appearance in Gotham Knights.


5 Exciting Things Happening in Gotham Knights


Along with Batman’s disappearance, the Batcave isn’t in Gotham Knights as it might have been destroyed upon his death. Instead, players will use the Belfry. Jim Gordon is also dead, so he to will not be making an appearance either.


It seems that Gotham Knight will be enough to quench players’ endless thirst for new batman releases, at least for a while. So are you thinking about getting Gotham Knights when it releases?


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